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Snipers Edge CCM Speed Stickhandling Ball


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Warning Speed Kills !
In the game of hockey, a split-second can decide the outcome of a game and a player with quick hands can be that deciding factor.
The lightweight SpeedBall stick handling ball enables the player to practice stickhandling movements at a speed that they would not normally be able to with something heavier. It all lends to the training concept that REPETITION builds "muscle memory".  For added quickness pair the SpeedBall stick handling ball with our MuscleBall, which is much heavier than the standard 6oz. hockey puck.
Lighter than a puck, weighing in at a little over 2 oz.
Develop lightning-quick hands by practising stickhandling with the SpeedBall.
Constructed from heavy duty plastic
Works great on any hard surface, use it at home in the driveway, garage, or any other surface.
Extremely durable.
Great pre-game warm-up tool!
Works extremely well with our SweetHands stickhandling trainer and Slick Tiles Dryland Hockey Tiles
MADE in the USA

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