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Bauer RS Senior Inline Hockey Skates

(Hard) Outdoor Wheels

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The Bauer RS Senior Inline Hockey Skates are built for comfort and speed using Bauer’s injected weave quarter panel from Tthe NSX skate.They come with (Hard) Outdoor Wheels,so are perfect for a bit of street hckey over the park

This construction offers great flexibility and support to newer players that aren’t looking for pro-level stiffness.
Inside the skate, the NSX has anaform foam ankle pads covered by a microfiber liner. This liner helps provide a comfortable fit and works to keep the foot secure in the skate. The 2-piece 30oz felt tongue with metatarsal guard fits nicely to the top of the foot, allowing the foot to be properly secured inside the skate.
Rounding off the skate is the HI-LO ventilator steel chassis equipped with HI-LO street wheels.
This combination will offer speedy acceleration and plenty of top end speed.

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