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Sweethands Ice Hockey Stickhandling Trainer


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Why use SweetHands?

Sweet Hands is an innovative hockey skills training aid which will help

Increase your stick handling speed and timing
Improve eye and stick coordination
How does Sweet Hands work?
By manoeuvring the puck or ball in and out of Sweet Hands forcing the player to lift their stick up and over the connecting arm and regaining control of the puck or ball
Lifting your stick up and over the connecting arm, you're delayed in recovering the puck or ball. This delay will force you to roll the wrist of your controlling hand, or top hand, to recover the puck or ball
The rolling of the wrist is critical to the improvement of all stick handling skills
Stick handling is a skill that is never perfected and must be constantly practice, even at the college and professional levels
After technically mastering each individual skill, the player will advance to higher speed movement drills, as well as partner passing, utilising forehand, backhand and saucer passing
What else?
Sweet Hands is a dual purpose hockey training aid and can be used equally well in both on-ice and off-ice settings
Comes in 8, one foot sections to make either an 8 foot unit or two, 4 foot units
Sweet Hands is light weight and easy to carry in your hockey bag
Start building your stick handling skills today

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