CCM RibCor 42K lce Hockey Skates - Senior

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The CCM RibCor 42K Ice Hockey Skates are the first model in the CCM RibCor Line to feature the next generation PumpTM Technology. The PumpTM inflates an internal air bladder located in the heel pocket, providing a tailor-made fit that helps to eliminate negative space while maximizing heel lock.

Working with the PumpTM is the Elite Synthetic quarter package. This new quarter is designed to maintain ample support without being overly stiff for players who are still learning their stride. The two-piece white felt tongue and the Dual-Zone Tricot Liner offer substantial comfort for all sides of the foot.


THE PUMP - The Advanced Pump is our most efficient Pump to date for personalized fit with added comfort..
QUARTER - Elite synthetic upper has a lightweight structure for enhanced forward flexion.
CORE - Lightweight elite synthetic core for enhanced support and durability.
LINER - Dual-zone lightweight Tricot for a comfortable fit and durability.
OUTSOLE - Vented low profile injected outsole maximizes energy transfer with moisture management.
FOOTBED - Molded CCM footbed for comfort and durability.
TONGUE - Two-piece high-density felt tongue provides excellent fit and comfort.
HOLDER - SpeedBlade 4.0 Pro
RUNNER - Non-replaceable stainless steel runner that is long lasting and takes advantage of the additional 4mm in height to increase the angle of attack.

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