Warrior Ritual X2 Pro+ Senior Knee Pads

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The Warrior Ritual X2 Pro+ Goalie Knee Pad improves upon the Ritual X Pro and gives an all new feel of comfort and confidence for the goaltender.

Starting off with the build of the Warrior Ritual X2 Pro+ Goalie Knee Pad, Warrior has used a strategic anatomical design to give the goaltender the best possible performance through the knee pads. The design of the Ritual X2 starts at the bottom with the knee guard that acts as a wrap to cover the inside and outside of the knee comfortably with a strap just below where the knee hinges, along with a connecting strap that sits on top of knee and further securing the goaltenders knee in place.

The inner materials are created with a no slip design and an optimized shock absorbing landing area to reduce stress on the inside of the knee. The knee guard also features an extension of the inner protective padding to provide extra protection to the top of the goaltender’s knee cap, as well as an added knee cap that sits over the top. The bottom knee portion is then attached by a flexible connecting strap that holds the knee and thigh portions together.

On to the thigh guard portion of the Warrior Ritual X2 Pro+, two separate pieces are strategically placed to allow mobility for the goaltender in any situation. The middle portion is aligned from the middle to top of the knee with an all new HyperComp Reinforced Knee Plate that provides heavy duty protection for the goaltender, along with a Velcro strap that goes from the inside of the knee and connects to the outside with adjustable placement points for comfort.

The top pad of the Warrior Ritual X2 Pro+ is designed to provide protection to the goaltender’s lower thigh just above the knee. This piece is secured with a strap that starts on the inside of the thigh and connects to the outside of the thigh with adjustable placement points to provide the best fit and comfort.

Warrior has now added a loop on the top front of the knee pad so goalies have the ability to attach the knee pads to a garter belt. On the inside of the knee pads, there is an attachment point so that the goalie can connect these knee pads to the pants. With these options goaltenders have the ability to keep their knee pads up and in place during usage.

In comparison to the Warrior Ritual X2 Pro Knee Pad, the Warrior Ritual X2 Pro+ Knee Pad features thicker materials and overall higher levels of protection. Specifically, the Warrior Ritual Pro+ offers a slightly wider profile at a total of half of an inch, with a HyperComp reinforced knee plate as well as an optimized shock absorbing knee landing area.

Narrow profile
Protective and mobile
Comfortable knee landing area
Three piece construction
No Slip design

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