Pro Laces Goalie Toe Straps Standard

Junior or Senior

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Pro Laces Toe Strap System offers another altinive to the  traditional hockey laces to attach your goalie leg pad to your skate.
Toe straps can make the process of attaching your leg pads to your skates easier and faster by eliminating the need to tie
any knots.
Easy to install on your pads.
Tie faster than laces and stay in place during games.
Improve butterfly slide, reduce stress on your knees and ankles.
Keep the pads higher on your skates.
All leather product and will not break when hit by pucks.
Young goalies will be able to attach it by themselves, no more parents needed for this task!
Used by NHL goalies.
Made in Canada

Junior size
Skate size - Yth. 13 to Jr. 5.5.
Senior size
Skate size - Sr. 6 to 12.

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