Glo-sauce & SnapWax has been the favorite hockey stick wax among hockey players of all ages and skill levels. As the only wax specially formulated for hockey stick application, it is the superior choice for professional and amateur hockey players who want to get an improved feel for the stick and better control of the puck.
The SnapWax's cutting edge micro-flex beads helps improve puck rotation control and gyroscopic effect by providing better traction with the side of the puck, allowing you to add as much rotation as you want to the puck. Perfect for us in both wooden and composite hockey sticks, SnapWax is the only stick wax you'll ever need for your favorite hockey stick!
Unlike candle wax, surf wax, baking wax, and others, SnapWax is non-thermo sensitive, which means it does not get very hard even at freezing surface temperatures. Other waxes may keep snow and slush off the hockey stick's blade, but will turn rock hard when used on ice surface temperatures, giving poor control of the puck and taking away from your performance instead of contributing to its improvement

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Glo Sauce Hockey Stick Wax
Glo Sauce Hockey Stick Wax
Various Colours & Scents
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