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SISU NextGen 1.6 Mouthguards, were developed by the scientists behind the Protech DentTM Mouth Guard.
It is extremely thin and lets you do what other guards can't - talk, drink and breathe easily.
The SISU 1.6 Aero Mouthguard is proven to be 30% stronger than traditional mouthguards. The NextGen is further improved with strategic hole placement.

The perforation helps strengthen the mouthguard by allowing it to disperse impact better as well as increasing fit and breathing ability.
What's really unique about SISU Mouthguards is that they come packaged completely flat, allowing you to get a perfectly customized fit after molding.
It's the perfect mouth guard for high impact sports, team sports and high performance sports where you need to be able to be at your very best, all the time.


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Crumple Zone Technology - Stronger than standard EVA Mouth Guard for Maximum Protection
1.6mm - 50% thinner than standard EVA Mouth Guard for Ultimate Comfort
Great for Talking, Breathing and Drinking
Custom Fit within 2 minutes. Re-moldable for Ultimate Fit

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