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CCM Quicklite QLT 230 Ice Hockey Elbow Pads - Youth

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The CCM QuickLite 230 Elbow Pads provide solid elbow protection for the recreational level of play. The hard molded elbow cap was inspired by Reebok/CCM's JDP construction for ideal energy dispersion. The QuickLite 230 elbow pads also features a bicep guard above the elbow, and a reinforced forearm guard toward the base. Its flexible and lightweight design is perfect for players looking to stay mobile and free.


CONSTRUCTION - One-piece design helps to provide mobility and comfort.
FOREARM - PE insert offers lightweight protection.
ELBOW CAP - New PE cap with improved dome shape helps to prevent sensitive elbow joints from hitting the pad when an impact occurs.
BICEP - Lightweight foam protection helps to maximize coverage.
ATTACHMENT - Two strap lycra system with added elasticity in the lockstrap helps to enhance comfort and mobility while maintaining a fully customizable fit.

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