Bauer Prodigy Top (Shoulderpad / Elbowpad) - Youth

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The Bauer Prodigy 2-in-1 Shoulder-Elbow Hockey Top is designed specifically for youth players just starting to play the game. Bauer created the Prodigy lineup so youth players could easily slip into their gear while providing protection where they need it most.
The shoulder pads feature smaller, lower profile shoulder caps and a floating bicep guard for extra mobility while maintaining excellent protection. The shoulder caps, clavicle and sternum guard all use dual density foams for high impact protection. Both the front and back panels are outfitted with perforated medium density foams for ample air flow and protection. The elbow pads are connected by an elastic strap so they stay together and allow for extra adjustment. The elbow cap is double reinforced with molded plastic and medium density foam to prevent injury. The interior liner acts as a base layer for comfort and moisture management.


Dual density foam shoulder caps, clavicle guard and sternum guard
Perforated medium density foams on the front panel and spine guard
Molded medium density foams on the bicep guard
Molded plastic elbow cap covered with medium density foam

Integrated base layer for comfort and moisture management

Designed for a youth specific fit
2-in-1 shoulder-elbow system
Keeps gear together
Easy to put on
1" Elastic strap attaches shoulder pads and elbows
Allows for better adjustment and keeps pads connected

Bauer Sizing Guidelines:
Top Size  /  Age  /  Height  /  Weight

Youth Small /  3 - 5  /  3' - 3'6"  /  35 - 45 lbs 
Youth Medium /  5 - 7  /  3'5" - 3'11"  /  45 - 60 lbs
Youth Large  /  7 - 9  /  3'10" - 4'4"  /  60 - 70 lbs

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