Warrior Dynasty AX3 LT Grip Composite Stick - Junior

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The AX3 integrates many of Warrior's top stick technologies and materials into a stick with accuracy and superior puck control.
Dynasty's unique AxySym shaft technology combines compression fibers on the back side and stretch fibers on the front to build wickedly superior power and recoil into your shot.
We don't just switch the blade direction, we completely change the shaft so the fibers face the way you shoot. Mid Kick gives the player a full length flex zone to provide optimum flex for any size player. More flex, more shot speed.
The D-Lite blade with UniSpar internal strength reinforcement provides superior durability and stiffness, while the LoFused construction gives you the anti-twist control you need to for more forgiving shot accuracy.


Improved weight and balance
Mid-kick smooth full-lenght mid flex arc
Axysym technology
Fused construction
D-lite blade core
UnisparEXT Reinforcement
Weight: 450 grams

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