CCM Super Tacks Senior Hockey Stick

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The CCM Super Tacks Grip Sticks are the top of the line model in the 3rd generation Super Tacks Line. Building off of the successful Ultra Tacks Stick, CCM wanted to offer more shot power without sacrificing the release. Their solution was to stiffen the hosel area while softening the upper handle, which accentuated the already great release of the Tacks sticks.

For better feel in the hands, the Super Tacks stick utilizes a new AcuLite blade weighs 5-grams less than the previous Ultra AttackFrame. While 5 grams doesn't sound like a whole lot, the Super Tacks now has one of the highest balance points in the industry today. The AcuLite core is built with an extremely stiff outer frame and a two supporting bridges that run heel to toe. This combination prevents the blade from opening up on big shots, thereby maintaining pinpoint accuracy and precision.

Aside from the improved release and balanced feel, CCM wanted to take durability to the next level too. The new and improved SpeedBumper Technology internally reinforces the shaft corners with extra material. Shaft corners are the most physically impacted part of a stick, so with extra reinforcement, the CCM Super Tacks stick will be able to withstand more abuse for a longer amount of time.


BLADE - The AcuLite Blade construction achieves an extremely light blade while maintaining the same level of stiffness helping to keep the blade square on target and your shot more accurate.
KICK POINT - The Dual Flex profile means just that-two flexes, wrist shots will maintain a softer loading zone while a stiffer one supports slap shots.
SHAFT - Bumper Technology with a reinforced slash zone increases shaft strength by adding material to the vulnerable part of the shaft helping to increase durability.
WEIGHT - 420g

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