Bauer Supreme S180 S17 Ice Hockey Stick - Senior

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The 2017 Bauer Supreme S180 Stick boasts a much improved balanced and responsive feel due to the full 3K carbon fiber construction with the upgraded AeroFoam I blade core. True to Supreme, the S180 was built for maximum shot power through its exclusive MPK or Maximum Power Kick flex profile.

MPK works to store as much energy into the shaft as possible so that it can be used for ultimate shot power. Bauer accomplished this by using a stiffer lower third of the shaft with a softer upper handle, which forces the kick point up high by the hands. The full 3K carbon fiber construction then transfers the energy from the shaft and into the puck much more effectively than lower grade, basketweave carbon. The Pure Shot blade technology ensures pin-point accuracy using extra material in the shaft and blade connection point. The prevents the S180 from twisting or torquing on big shots thanks to the added hosel stability and stiffness.


Bimax Blade Construction
Full Carbon Blade
Aerofoam I Blade Technology
MPK Technology
Fused 3K Carbon Fiber on Shaft

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