CCM RBZ 150 Ice Hockey Stick - Youth

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The RBZ series has revolutionized the way you look at a stick. The speed, the pop and the minimal weight make these twigs the prize of the stick rack.

The CCM RBZ 150 Composite Stick sports a different look than the last series; with a sleak, red and black design, this new piece of lumber will stand out more than your hot-dog teammate's flaming red helmet.

The RBZ 150 features a SpeedBlade 2 blade, which takes out the traditional foam and absorbs velocty from each shot. You'll feel the Freak Channels, which provide 20 percent more Coefficient of Restitution (the ability to release stored energy in a single impact), giving you a deceptive shot that will burn a hole in the net. Don't worry about your control or durability, either; SpeedBlade 2 is as sturdy and reliable as they come.

As made famous by TaylorMade, who partnered with CCM to create this powerful stick, the Power Swing Technology provides a finer weight and flex distribution to allow for more torque to go along with a much quicker release. Your kick point is customizable as you have a stiffer shaft to work with.


Construction material - Carbon composite
Speedblade 2
Custom kick point position
Rounded edges and corners
Weight:470 Grams (based on 87 flex/senior)

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