CCM Ribcor 45K Ice Hockey Stick - Junior

P29(Crosby), 50 Flex, Left handed

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The CCM RibCor 45K Grip Stick is the opening price point CCM's third generation RibCor Line. New for this year is the SXX2 blade that is lighter and even more responsive than before. It has a 30 gram overall weight reduction from the previous 44K but the new SXX2 blade core gives players an even better-balanced feel in the hands.

The CCM RibCor 45K utilizes a low kick point with Easy to Load technology. These two combine to give players a quick shot release, ideal for those who do not tend to load their stick too much during the shooting process.


FLEX PROFILE The Ribcor 45K comes with easy-to-load technology, which is a unique stiffness profile that mirrors the Ribcor shaft.
BLADE The SXX2 Blade's stiffness goes from stiff in the heel to extra stiff in the toe for a sneaky quick release.
HIGH LOADING RATIO Thanks to a Power Taper Ratio of 3:1, players will get a more vertical stiffness, which means that less energy is wasted down into the ice and more energy is transferred all the way through the blade.
KICK POINT True to Ribcor form, the 45K features a low kick point for easy to load shots with a surprisingly quick release.
WEIGHT: 540 grams

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