CCM RBZ FT1 Ice Hockey Stick - Senior

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The CCM RBZ FT1 Stick is the most powerful, accurate and balanced RBZ it its six generation's history. CCM accomplished this with their new FacePlate FT1 technology that is more rigid, more efficient at energy transfer, and weighs 10 grams less the previous RBZ Revolution.

Helping to squeeze even more power out of each shot is the PowerHosel 2. This extends the end of the shaft deeper into the blade, which not only improves energy transfer but it helps to keep the blade face square to the target for deadly accuracy. The extra rib that runs through this connection point also helps to improve durability in the most commonly slashed zone on the stick.

The shaft features a handful of key technologies as well. It's constructed of a high-performance carbon composite that has been reinforced with Technora, which is a type of aramid fiber. This lightweight yet strong fiber significantly improves durability but its unique fatigue resistance properties help to extend the pop life too. Lastly is the variable flex profile. This is a constant stiffness through the shaft that will actually alter the kick point based on hand position, providing players with the optimal release depending on the shot type.


BLADE FacePlate FT1 Technology features an improved structure and design for increased stiffness and C.O.R. to maximize power on all shots. Weight has also been reduced considerably.
TAPER PowerHosel 2 includes a longer shaft tip that sits deeper towards the heel of the blade for a more efficient energy transfer.
SHAFT Technora Reinforcement has layers of aramid fibers which provide great durability without compromising performance due to its bending properties.
KICK POINT Custom kick point for a unique flex profile that is ideal for shooters since the stick flexes where the player's bottom hand is placed.
WEIGHT:444 Grams

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