Bauer Supreme 1S S17 Ice Hockey Stick - Intermediate

LEFT / 67 FLEX / P92

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The 2017 Bauer Supreme 1S Stick is the most powerful, versatile and durable Supreme stick to date. The cutting-edge Renew Core blade features a pressurized, liquid state gel core that will literally ooze out if the blade breaks. The unique properties of the gel more effectively transfer energy while shooting plus it fills in internal blade cracks to provide better, longer-lasting durability and strength.

Aside from durability and power, the new Extended Transfer Zone provides much more versatility to players regardless of what type of shot they're taking. The 11% increase in effectiveness means the stick can release even quicker and even harder than the 1st generation of 1S sticks. Combined with the MPK or Maximum Power Kick flex profile, this 2017 1S will be ready to release a deadly quick, hard and accurate shot at any point at any time.

The TeXtreme carbon fiber, MonoComp construction process and eLASTech resin system are all carry-over technologies but still play an important part of making everything function at the most elite level. TeXtreme is 20% lighter and manages impacts 20% better than traditional 12K carbon. The MonoComp process provides some of the best consistency, weight minimization and overall balanced feel in the hands while the eLASTech resin keeps cracks from spreading and keeping the pop feeling newer, longer.


RenewCore Blade Technology
Power Sense 2 Blade Core
Monocomp Construction
MPK Technology
Textreme Carbon Fiber
Elastech Resin
Weight - 420g

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