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Tuff Terrys Reinforced Ice Skate Soft Guards By A&R

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TuffTerrys Reinforced Soakers
Design Silver
Help look after your Ice Skating Blades
Premier Tuff Terry cloth blade covers.
Reinforced with durable polypropylene on both inside and outside to offer a greater degree of protection from sharp blades
Available in a range of wonderful colours
Lined with terry cloth to help absorb any residual moisture from your blades once you have finished skating.
 Which will, along with other simple maintenance measures will help to prevent them from rusting
Please Note that these guards are for looking after your blades - they are not suitable for walking on!
Made in the USA
We also have the hard guards for walking inside the rink
Please always remove from skates & air dry once you get home

Size  Figure
Small: UK6-UK13(Youth)
Medium: UK1-UK5(Junior)
Large: UK6-UK12(Senior)

Size Hockey
Small: (Youth) UK1
Medium: UK1-UK6(Junior)
Large: UK6-UK12(Senior)

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