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A&R Re-Edger Handheld Hockey Skate Blade Sharper

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The Re-Edger by A&R is the next generation in handheld skate sharpening.

 The Re-Edger is a ceramic sharpener with a replaceable honing stone.

The Re-Edger™ combines handheld sharpening technology and precision honing in one simple device. The ceramic steel fits player and goalie hockey blades as well as most figure skate blades. To repair the edges simply follow the instructions below.
The Re-Edger™ does not replace professional skate sharpening. It should be used between sharpenings and for emergency purposes.
To repair skate blade edges, place skate blade between the white prongs and slide The Re-Edger™ with light pressure in one direction only. Repeat if needed.
To remove nicks, place stone flat onto the side of the blade. Using light pressure, rub in one direction only. Repeat until abrasion is removed. Do not over rub.

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